Introducing Lusine Simonyan of Miray Collections for our 3rd Armenian Female Founder feature
Hello everyone!
It is time to introduce to you another amazing Armenian Female Founder, Lusine Simonyan.

She grew up in Armenia, graduated from French University in Armenia getting her master’s degree in accounting and finance and is currently working as senior tax accountant in Los Angeles, California. When Lusine first moved from Armenia to the United States in 2010, she was pursuing a purpose broader than her daily work as an accountant—one that would make an impact in her community.

 Lusine Simonyan is the first Armenian to be elected to Burbank Cultural Arts Commission in the city of Burbank. (The mission of the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission is to enrich the lives of Burbank residents by celebrating its diverse arts and media community, and to promote Burbank as a vibrant and enticing regional arts center.)

Lusine is very involved in the city of Burbank. She is currently serving as board member in Zonta Club of Burbank in Service and Advocacy Committee. She is also an executive board member for Burbank for Armenia.

She is the founder of Miray Collections, an online platform that is curating and representing Armenian artists and jewelry makers from around the world. It represents Lusine’s vision for empowering artists and bringing their work to life.  Each item in the Miray Collections catalog demonstrates Lusine’s personal interest in high-quality, authentic pieces crafted from natural and sustainable materials. 
We first met through a mutual friend who is as passionate about art as we are. Being so involved in art and promoting Armenian art in California, we quickly became business partners and dear friends. Currently, Anet’s Collection’s unique wearable art is represented at Miray Collections website among 45 other talented designers and artists from around the world. 



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