I would like to introduce to you my dear fans a new chapter in Anet's Collection.

This year Anet's Collection celebrated the 5th Anniversary and, heart-warming, thanks to your support we have been growing every year.

It has been part of our company's culture to support women and what better way to support one of Anet's favorite Armenian female artists and introduce them to you through our platform.

Every month, we'll introduce an artist and starting off our first collaboration with Mari Mansourian.

Mari and I met, for the first time, when our art collective She Loves came together for our first amazing collaborative art show in 2017. We owe that to our brilliant She Loves founders Adrineh and Nelly.  I’m very proud of all the sister artists.

We have great respect and admiration for one another as artist, as women and above of all as Armenian women carrying on positive change through our art.

Naturally, whenever collaboration opportunities came-around with one of my artist sisters I jump right in.
Its our pride and pleasure to feature Mari, through Anet’s Collection, as a fellow artist and photographer. Looking forward to working together.
I hope you enjoy her collection of greeting cards as much as I have.

 Who is Mari?

 Mari Mansourian is an LA based photographer. She has been capturing moments through her lens since her young teens when her father gave her a Zenit camera, and the rest as they say is history. Mari captures the essence of the moment, through the colors and energy of the world around her. She has been an active member of the She Loves Collective since 2017. Her work has been included in the "She Loves" Art Exhibition with over 40 fellow female artists in February of 2017 at HNYPT in downtown Los Angeles; “MI_YA SEEN” photo exhibition at Armenian Arts Gallery in October 2017; “The Many Faces of Armenians” at Roslin Gallery in June 2018 and “Pure Not Proper” at Coagula Gallery in June 2018. More recently Mari took part in the silent art performance in LA called Rifles Our Ancestors Didn’t Have with the She Loves Collective to bring awareness to the recent war in Artsakh in 2020.

“My lens is where I see the world through, express my passion through and where I speak my mind and heart through. Live life with passion, conviction and through love.” _ Mari

Los Angeles CA




Pomegranate Series  




You can purchase them through this link: Note Cards

դեկտեմբեր 31, 2020 — Anet Abnous

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