I am excited to introduce the second artist of the month plus some exciting news!
Armenian Female Founders Collective.
Over the years, I have been a member of many collectives but observed the lack of support and networking opportunities such as funding and guidance to start and, certainly, grow a business.  Women, often, have fewer opportunities and their projects, and businesses, are funded at lower level than those by men. 
Additionally, having a title of a mother on top of  Armenian women makes it an uphill climb with a steep angle to reach the investors attention.
I have walked through mistakes and marched through hardships the early years of my business and noticed that every time I meet another woman who is planning to start a business, expressly an Armenian women, I feel the urge to help and support them in every possible way. 
I have been connecting people and networking for as long as I can remember and it comes naturally.  The 'least I can do' attitude.
That is how Armenian Female Founder Collective was born and these are the small steps toward a big mission.
I am inviting you to join me on this mission by welcoming Taline Olmessekian as the second artist of the month.
Taline's kind comments to me:

Anet is an inspiration not only to me as a fellow artist, with her talent, strength and her perseverance in achieving her goals, but she is an inspiration to many woman out there, young and old, who are hoping to make their mark and achieve independence playing their part in creating functional art.

Who is Taline?

Like most Armenians born in diaspora, my life consisted of living in multiple countries and experiencing various cultures from an early age till today. 

My journey began in Lebanon, then Iran, followed by England, ending in the US, collecting morsels from each country’s unique cultural and visual identities that shaped the language I can express myself best with today, which is the language of ART, specifically wearable art.

Even though my main jewelry line “SADISTICA” has a darker and more thought provoking undertone, I needed to express certain aspects of my thoughts with a simpler vocabulary from which “Sadistica Contemporary” was born with singular objective of speaking volumes with not too many words. 

If my past has taught me anything, it has been that life is transitional and nothing is permanent. One needs to change and adapt while staying true to one’s self, paying attention to what present times demand of you, hearing your calling in the quietness of your soul.

Los Angeles CA


Instagram sadistica__la


Lovers Necklace


Mamik Babik


Check the Jewelry Collection here.  

If you know an Armenian female artist or are one who wants to be featured and collaborate, leave a comment and send your info to armenianfemalefounders@gmail.com



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