I am pleased to introduce to you another Armenian Female Founder: Donara Jaghinyan
It all started from a simple Instagram message in April on Anet's Collection page.
An introduction of the launch for the I-AM.AM website and request to join and since then it has turned into a great networking and supportive system.
It is only $1 to join but the benefits of connecting to other Armenian business owners around the world and networking is worth 100 times more.
She sends out newsletters monthly and can high light if you have any specials for your business.
Donara Jaghinyanis from Stepanavan, Lori, Armenia. She is an analytics professional with experience working in a digital environment delivering client-facing projects. Graduating from YSU ( Yerevan State University) in 2018, studying International Relations and practicing her communication skills she started her career in tech sector in Armenia by helping women and girls switch their carriers into tech.
Currently Donara resides in Boston, USA. She works for the top East Coast health insurance company by coordinating diverse teams and resources to complete project objectives.
Aside of her full time job and current project related to Armenia, called I-AM.AMDonara is providing professional digital marketing services as another field of her career. You can learn more about her experience in her LinkedIn profile: 
Living abroad has never made her forget Armenia moreover made her strong to be a part of the diaspora who can and will make a difference in Armenia. 
I-AM.AM - Armenian Business Directory 
I-AM.AM (Ես Հայ Եմ) is a business directory that aims to create a centralized hub of all Armenian-owned businesses from around the world. A hub that will simplify the search of Armenian businesses by simply searching the desired category, tag, location, business and finding the available listed businesses in the platform.
The company was founded with the ultimate goal to support Armenia. By connecting Armenian-owned businesses and implementing numerous projects that will boost the economy of the outer regions of Armenia, I-AM.AM community is creating a self-sufficient economy throughout the country.
The platform works with monthly subscriptions of $1/ month (yearly packages are applicable). By committing as little as $1 per month you will gain the full benefits of the platform. I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory provides multiple benefits: 
- Online Presence 
- SEO Optimization 
- Higher Online and Social Media Ranking 
- Improved local visibility 
- Brand Awareness 
- Higher chance of appearing on top Search Results 
- Organic backlinks 
- A place where customers can leave their reviews and feedback
Besides the technical benefits, by listing your business in I-AM.AM one is becoming a part of the global Armenian business community.
Are you always being asked of what nationality you are? Is your answer “I Am Armenian”? Than you are a part of I-AM.AM. Join the platform by listing your business and help create the community together.
Learn more about I-AM.AM and join them for as little as $1 per month. (
հոկտեմբեր 11, 2021 — Anet Abnous

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