What is a Twilly and How to tie and use it by Anet Abnous

Scarves are wonderful accessories, but sometimes may be simply too much material for what the moment calls for. That is when Twillies are the perfect addition.

A Twilly is a long and narrow scarf that is preferably made of 100% silk. It is a fantastic piece that you can use as a head scarf, neck scarf, bag accessory, and much more. A twilly can easily embellish your everyday outfit and accessories in surprising ways, which is why many people love collecting twillies. Here are the three most common ways people utilize a twilly:


Neck scarf: One loose knot on the side of your neck or depending on the length of the Twilly and what you are pairing it with a bow tie using Twilly creates an elegant yet warm look.


Headscarf: Both functional and beautiful, this is a casual look that’s a joy to look at. it can simply be used as a head band over short or long hair or be tied around a up or down pony.


Bag accessory: You can tie with one knot or a bow tie on long handle bags or Anet's Collection Armenian Alphabet tote bag or wrap it along the entire handle of single-handle handbags.


Wrapping it on your wrist:  You can use a Twilly in many more exciting ways like wrapping it on your wrist, or if the length is sufficient, even as a belt.


 Now here is the the high light of Anet's Collection Twilly over other Twillies. Our Twillies are designed with Armenian Alphabet filled with Historic Armenian Bible lining/cover design on one side and Ornamental design layer over Bible cover on the other side. 

Plus, with the unique Anet's Collection Armenian Alphabet Twilly you will be looking very stylish and carry piece of your heritage with you.

Add this beautiful and easy-to-use Twilly to your wardrobe, or gift it to someone special and see what magic it brings!


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