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Anet Abnous


  Anet Abnous is a Los Angeles-based Armenian artist whose vision is feminine beauty and empowerment. With the female figure as her muse, she creates breathtaking abstract imagery symbolizing women’s liberation.

Born and raised in Iran during the Islamic revolution of the 1970’s, Anet nurtured her passion for the arts early on. Inspired by her father’s tailoring skills, she took sewing and pattern making classes at age 16, studied fashion design at Tehran’s Zahra University, and after immigrating to the U.S., earned a Fine Arts degree from Queens College, City University of New York in 2005.
Anet’s art is deeply compelling and culturally diverse. She juxtaposes the vibrant colors and impeccable details of traditional Armenian costumes and art with the subdued black veils of Islamic oppression to create art of striking beauty. Her paintings are housed in several private collections and have been showcased in galleries in New York, Rhode Island, California, and Korea. She has been published in Asbury Park, Burbank Leader, NY Art Magazine, and more.
An ardent supporter of women-centered causes, Anet co-curated Manhattan’s first Armenian female art exhibition in 2007, bringing together talented artists from Armenia, Syria and the U.S. She has also shown in galleries with the mission of ending violence against women.

Anet’s Collection is wearable, tangible art -- the culmination of Anet’s dream to merge fine art, fashion and storytelling through elegant tees and scarves imprinted with her work.


Made in USA, High quality Cotton, Armenian Alphabet top.
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Awaiting - Anet's Collection - 1
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Broken Heart - Anet's Collection - 1
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Made in USA, High quality cotton , one shoulder top by Anet's Collection
Made in USA, Peacock Armenian design top by Anet's Collection
Pink Dreams - Anet's Collection - 1
Pink Dreams $ 59.99
Red Singer - Anet's Collection - 1
Red Singer $ 49.99
Scream Reglan - Anet's Collection - 1
Scream Reglan $ 59.99
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Self Portrait - Anet's Collection - 1
Self Portrait $ 24.99 $ 69.99
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Self Portrait Tank Top (Gray) - Anet's Collection - 1
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Self Portrait Tank Top (White) - Anet's Collection - 1
Shy - Anet's Collection - 1
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I love you  in Armenian t-shirt by Anet's Collection
Sirem Kez $ 35.00
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Sleeping Beauty Long sleeve Crop Top - Anet's Collection - 1
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Sleeping Beauty Short sleeve Crop Top - Anet's Collection - 1
The Lips - Anet's Collection - 1
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3 Crosses/Khachcar design printed on Made in USA tank top by Anet's Collection
Three Fish Heather Gray
Twilight - Anet's Collection - 1
Twilight $ 59.99

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