Anet's Collection first V-Neck Tee is ready for Pre-order.

Order now and receive it around Thanksgiving holiday.

Save $20* off the retail price and look fall trendy for your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends.

"Pink Dreams" in not only our first V-Neck but also our first front and back print. We also added XL sizes for the first time.

This Tee is a story of a girl dancing, bare feet, in the forest and enjoying the beauty of fall.  With serene hues of muted pink, gold and brown. 

It can be paired with jeans, a leather Jacket and a hat or a short skirt with knee high brown boots.
Styling options with this tee in limitless.


This SPECIAL offer is good until November 22nd.

click here to begin your order.


*suggested retail price is $84.99.

November 05, 2015 — Anet Abnous
Tags: dream girl pink

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