Anet's Collection 1st Fashion Show and Fabulous Female Corner

I am part of a female social networking group on Facebook called "Fabulous Female Corner".

In January of 2016 I noticed Nelly Maissian, the admin of the group, posting about organizing the group’s 1st Anniversary Gala. The purpose was to give a chance to some of the members to meet each other, network and be entertained by the members of the group.

The event was held at the Mirage Banquet Hall on Sunday March 6.

150 members of the group met and enjoyed a fabulous time. The emcee (M.C.) Vartuhi Oganesyan did an amazing job introducing members and  the program she made the whole event flow very smoothly, Alexandra Kovacs Belly Danced beautifully with her colorful costume and sensual moves followed by Ani Yaralyan, poetry time, whose poems and articles have been published countless occasions in local Armenian newspapers.

Then it was time for the Fashion Show!

There were two new designers each unique in their own ways. Eileen Isagholian showcased selection of her line and introduced her new women's active wear.

The second designer was me Anet Abnous. 

I started my fashion show with the "Armenian Alphabet" and "Beginning" scarves showcasing different looks with my wearable art. I showed the audience how Anet’s Collection T-shirts can be one of the pieces in every women’s closet. The T-shirts could be dressed casually or paired with a nice skirt and high heels and be transformed into a night out look. 

Armenian song with modern and strong beats connected the models to the runway.  The song "Gayaneh" by "Bei Ru" was perfect for my vision.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends who volunteered their time to make this fashion show a success.

Our Models: Arpa Andriasian who is also the face of my "Armenian Alphabet" Scarf started my portion of my show followed by Elen Harutunyan, my daughter's dance teacher who swirled in my "Sleeping Beauty" crop top paired with black tutu and Arev Nersessian, my dear friend who looked so classy and modern when she rocked the runway in her fringe leather skirt paired with my "Portrait" grey tee and Natalie Soleil whose big deep eyes and plum lips matched perfectly with my "The Lips" tee paired with peachy pans ( a perfect spring look) and last but not least Marylin Petrov who was our savior filling up for another model.

Our hairdresser for the models: Jenna Gedelikyan with her artistic touch saw my vision from the beginning and made each model look fabulous and our make-up artists makeup by Twins: Karolin Kashishian and Cathrine Khoodian who spent over 5 hours beautifying our models.

The show continued with Steven Hovagimian comedy show with funny Armenian jokes and Armenian Dance Exhibition which was greatly entertaining and choreographed beautifully by Tina Dervishian and many amazing dancers and high light of them our own Nelly's beautiful children Michael and Stella Maissian.

The event was finished with Nelly's heartwarming speech and 50 Raffle gifts donated by Fabulous Female corner members and friends.

Overall a great success and an amazing event filled with networking of amazing women within 3 months. Everything was fabulous from the whole program, the center pieces by Lioness Flowers and Chocolate Favors and Treats by Pinkovencreations and our Yummy cake by Special Cakes by Naz.

Thank you Nelly Maissian for bringing us together and giving opportunity to many women business owners in FFC group and best of all giving us a chance to make more friends and feel like anything is possible when great minds come together.

The video was captured by Koko Sarkisyan of GHS Video Production.

The photo credits to Maya Hernandez and Nelly's Husband.  

Cheers to you all !!!

With Love


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It was my pleasure showing off your lovely and creative works. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Had a great time planning our first event and immensely enjoyed its success. Looking forward to many more events together. You rock my dear!!!

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