Anet's Collection is part of 's Pop-up at Switzerland

Hello to my dear fans of Anet's Collection.

There are many updates and good news with Anet's Collection which I haven't had a chance to share with you yet.

I thought, I will try to share the updates as they are happening and in between, fill in with all I have missed since the beginning of the new year.

Anet's Collection, a Luxury Armenian Accessory and fashion line, along with other Armenian brands, is partnering up with Hay-Hay Armenian fashion concept store and its founder Lucine Ayanian through pop-up boutique in Messe Luzern, Zurich. Anet's Collection Leather 'Sirahar' Clutches along with 'Tigranes The Great' Card holder/Wallet were some of the displayed pieces.Pop-up is on May 2-3 at Messe Luzern, Zurich.


Lucine believes in the originality and uniqueness of Armenian designs and and a firm believer that our roots manifest through the beauty and style for everyone's modern lives.
She is styling Europeans with Armenian fashion one person at a time.

We are fortunate to be working with her and have her represent Anet's Collection in Europe. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with creative folks who share similar drives in fashion and style.

Wish us luck through this Journey and you have our promise to keep you posted with all the exciting updates.





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