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Subtitle: Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous: A Dynamic Duo Creating a Hub of Artistic Expression

In a world bustling with individual dreams and entrepreneurial aspirations, two remarkable women have joined forces to create a haven of artistic expression and empowerment. Meet Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous, the visionary minds behind the Lusanet Collective—a dynamic duo dedicated to fostering creativity, supporting local businesses, and leaving an indelible mark on both the local community and Armenia.

Unveiling the Dynamic Duo: Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous

Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous, the founders of Lusanet Collective, are nothing short of an inspiration. With hearts warmed by kindness and a tenacious business-oriented mindset, they have made it their mission to help fellow entrepreneurs realize their dreams. These two trailblazers are driven by a growth mindset and an unwavering commitment to elevating not only their own businesses but also everyone they cross paths with.

Anet Abnous, the owner of Anet’s Collection, and Lusine Simonyan, the owner of Miray Collections, are not just successful business owners—they are visionaries. Their latest venture, the Lusanet Collective, stands as a testament to their dedication to showcasing unique art, jewelry, scarves, perfumes, purses, accessories, and candles. Nestled in the heart of downtown Burbank, this stylish brick-and-mortar store is a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship.

Empowering Artistry: The Lusanet Collective's Mission

At the core of the Lusanet Collective lies a powerful mission—to empower artists both in the United States and Armenia. Abnous and Simonyan have woven their passions into the fabric of the collective, curating a space that serves as a platform for artists to shine. This dynamic duo has come together to not only run a thriving business but to also uplift the artistic community.

Their journey began with a chance encounter at a networking event, where their shared commitment to empowerment led them to conceive the idea of a collective. Guided by their love for their homeland, they sought to give back to the Armenian community and nurture the creative spirit of artists.

A Beautiful Fusion of Talents

Anet Abnous and Lusine Simonyan are a study in harmonious collaboration. Abnous, born in Iran and later making her way to California, is an artist and a business owner. On the other hand, Simonyan's journey from Armenia to the United States has enriched her with a background in accounting and the arts. Together, they seamlessly blend their business acumen and artistic sensibilities, creating a synergy that propels the Lusanet Collective forward.

Their dedication to learning and their willingness to share their journey on social media speaks volumes about their commitment to helping others. Their passion is evident, underscoring their unwavering love for their work and their enduring drive to establish an enduring legacy.

Overcoming Challenges, Championing Creativity

The path to success is seldom without obstacles, and Abnous and Simonyan are no strangers to setbacks. However, their unwavering determination and forward-looking outlook have helped them navigate the challenges that come their way. The result is a visually captivating storefront that welcomes visitors from both Armenian and non-Armenian backgrounds, uniting them in the support of local and international artists.

A Hub of Creativity and Connection

Lusanet Collective is more than just a store—it's a hub of artistic exploration and connection. Beyond its eclectic collection of art, jewelry, and accessories, the collective plays host to a range of events. From poetry and music nights to live art performances and fundraising events, the space pulsates with creative energy. Notably, the collective recently welcomed Miss Armenia Kristina Ayanian for a meet-and-greet ahead of the Miss Universe competition, showcasing its ability to attract and unite creative minds.

Empowering Dreams, One Artist at a Time

In a world that often champions individualism, Lusanet Collective stands as a beacon of collective empowerment. Its ethos extends beyond art, encompassing a commitment to support the communities it serves. By investing in artists and fostering local connections, the collective embodies the transformative power of creativity and collaboration.

Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous have crafted more than a business; they have fashioned a legacy of empowerment, artistry, and community. Their journey serves as an inspiring reminder that when kindred spirits join forces, they can create something truly exceptional—a haven where dreams are nurtured, talents are celebrated, and creativity knows no bounds. Visit the Lusanet Collective to witness firsthand the dynamic fusion of art and entrepreneurship, where passions converge and possibilities flourish.

Abnous, owner of Anet’s Collection, and Simonyan, owner of Miray Collections, are two inspiring business owners with a beautiful new collaboration with the Lusanet Collective. The Lusanet Collective is a stylish brick and mortar store in the heart of downtown Burbank that houses unique pieces of art, jewelry, scarves, as well as perfumes, purses, accessories and candles. The idea behind the Lusanet Collective is to empower artists here in the US as well as in Armenia. Abnous and Simonyan have combined forces for the collective good of showcasing artists and making items available to the public from their store and online offerings.

Lusanet Collective storefront

Abnous and Simonyan met during a networking event. Their mission of empowerment eventually led them to the idea of a collective showcasing other small businesses. Anet and Lucy wanted to give back to the Armenian community and help cultivate the creative work of artists. 

Both women have a deep love for the homeland. Abnous was born in Iran and moved to the east coast before settling in California. She’s an artist and runs her own business. Simonyan came to Minnesota from Armenia as an exchange student when she was 15 years old and continued her journey in California. She has a background in accounting and the arts. They complement each other beautifully with their combined backgrounds in business and art, along with their ability to learn from those around them and spread their mission on social media. Their passion to help others is a huge testament to their love of what they do and what they will continue to establish. 

What they have accomplished with this phenomenal business plan is not for the faint of heart. As in any business, they have experienced setbacks, but always look forward. The venue is aesthetically appealing and welcomes Armenian and non-Armenian visitors to support local and international artists. 

Aleen Khachadourian, Anet’s daughter, warmly greets customers at the Lusanet Collective

Lusanet Collective also hosts events. There have been poetry and music nights, live art performances, fundraising events and art exhibits. Lusanet also hosted Miss Armenia Kristina Ayanian for a meet-and-greet ahead of the Miss Universe competition.

Lusine with daughter Angelina at a wine and paint event at Lusanet Collective

The concept of the Lusanet Collective is empowering because it aims to elevate all who participate as well as give back to the local community and Armenia. It invests in the artist as well as the communities it serves.

August 02, 2023 — Anet Abnous

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