It has been a challenging 2 months for everybody but it has given us a chance to give back to our community, grow our business in a different direction, and meet some of our loyal fans as well as interact with them.
We started the quarantine by taking many courses and took advantage of the opportunity to make things more exciting for our business and our clients. One of the first steps was implementing a texting platform for our clients, which has given us better communication with our loyal fan base.  The other step we took was  to connect on a more personal level with  our community.
We have been participating with Glendale Adventist Health events for the last few years and we thought what better way to thank them for all their hard work than sending gifts to our front line health workers?
Thanks to one of our clients, Dr. Lusine Simonyans from Glendale Adventist Hospital, we were able to put 50 smiles on our heroic nurses' faces and thank them for their services for the month of April.
May is a special month honoring Mothers and we decided to hold a Mother's Day Raffle ($5 a ticket in return for $200 worth of products) and partnered with another Armenian Female owned business in Glendale, AY Flowers, who graciously donated a dozen gorgeous roses. Ashkhen outdid herself with the most beautiful arrangement for our winner.
We entered the names of people in the wheel of fortune and our lucky winner was Talar Keoseyan. 
Our Founder, Anet Abnous,  met Talar to personally present her with the exquisite gifts. Who would have thought that planning to drop off the gifts would turn into a two hour fabulous conversation?  To top it off, Anet realized that Talar Keoseyan had written several books, including Mom and Dad, Why Do I Need to Know My Armenian Heritage?

Review of the book
This short story is a great and excellent resource to all Armenians, Armenian Americans, Armenian Lebanese, etc... in just a few short paragraph the author covers some of the most important and historical facts, and explores the uniqueness of the country Armenia.

A huge shout out to my loyal clients, who have become family to me! During these unprecedented times, your loyalty and support have been a beacon of hope. It’s heart warming to see how as individuals we have come together and embraced each other. My collection isn’t just scarves or clothing, it’s stories and connections that have come together to form a tapestry of empowerment and friendships. I thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Our mission is to empower each other with engagement and love. Thank you for your continuous dedication to our story and mission. It is deeply appreciated!

We have some amazing giveaways coming up for Quarantined Seniors who won't be celebrating the traditional graduation season. Stay tuned for exclusive updates and make a comment below about how your quarantine has been so far.
May 14, 2020 — Anet Abnous


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Fantastic initiative! Lovely ladies and great gesture

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