It was only a month ago that our founder Anet Abnous was a part of the 2nd annual Female Founder Collective event hosted in NYC by Rebecca Minkoff and Alison Wyatt.

The Female Founder Collective is a network of businesses led by women supporting women. The mission is to enable and empower female owned, and led, businesses to positively impact our communities socially and economically. The community of the collective will enable women to connect with other women in order to give vetted resources around capital, as a result, growing their business and operating more efficiently.

It was a day full of education, seminars, networking, healthy and nutritious food.  The icing on the top was meeting Rebecca Minkoff in person and discussing many ways of which women business owners can help and support each other through the FFC platform in which Anet's Collection is a member.

The day started with with nutritious breakfast donated by local businesses and networking session to meet and mingle other female business owners.

Our first selected coarse was about How to Create the Future, an inspiring conversation with Beth Comstock and Rebecca Jarvis.

Here are some wise words from Beth Comstock:

If you can't tell, you can't sell

Ask your team: "Tell me one thing I don't want to hear" and also

Seek Out "Sparks" in people, things, experiences. You need the spark to grow.

Second panelist talk was Growing Pains and Growing up.

The panelists shared stories about their learning process and how they were able to build a multi million dollar companies. Michelle Cordeiro Grants of Lively's powerful and positive words and Katia Beauchamp, co founder of Birchbox emotional and honest words was just the begining of a wonderful day for me.

The day continued with another great marketing and PR coarse by Melissa Duren Conner and 'How to own your future through self-funding' by the CEO of Her Campus. I must say, I learned a lot about how important it is to be able to find a correct person for PR and how easy it is for many people to choose the wrong PR people and waste money. It also felt good to know our company was on the right track when it came to the bases of self-funding a company and there is no other way than doing bootstrapping the first few years and cutting every extra expense.

The high lights of that event so far has been to know more about ifundwomen and listening to Karen Cahn.

ifundwomen became the source that I ended up going back for help and, more education during the quarantine of Covid-19.
I had a wonderful 5 day training with their platform and they are the source for helping you raise capital, get Coaching, make connections and fund startups.

I left NYC with so much joy, excitement and ready to concur the world and grow my business not thinking that in a matter of few weeks the wholes world will stop.

As hard as these last 3 weeks has been, I have tried to take advantage of the opportunity and to learn, connect and enjoy my family and hope for the best.

ապրիլ 07, 2020 — Anet Abnous

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