Anet Abnous is a visionary artist, creative director, and CEO of Anet's Collection, a renowned Fashion and Accessories brand renowned for its art-inspired designs. With a deep-rooted passion for wearable art, nurtured by her tailor father, Anet founded Anet's Collection in 2015. Her creations, a fusion of Armenian cultural motifs and luxury aesthetics, have graced European showrooms, museum shops, and retail outlets.

Anet's blend of luxury retail and visual styling infuses innovation into her designs. Her work has been showcased in international exhibitions, publications, and she's curated numerous art shows. Beyond her creative pursuits, Anet actively supports nonprofits, leveraging her networking skills for fundraising.

Educated in Fine Arts from CUNY-Queens College, with Fashion credentials from Iran, and a Business Certificate from Cornell University's Bank of America Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship via a Tory Burch Foundation grant, Anet's qualifications underscore her expertise.

As co-founder of Downtown Burbank's Lusanet Collective, Anet merges artistry with business acumen. Lauded by media like CBS-KCAL and FOX 11-Good Morning LA, this venture exhibited the works of over 100 creators in its first year.

Anet's creations reflect her unique talent and vision, continuing to inspire globally. Joining the Burbank Art Commission at 2023, she's set to enrich the local art scene with her distinct perspective and connectivity, solidifying her impact in both fashion and art.