Have you tuned in to Good Day LA on Fox 11 on August 3rd? If you did, you might have caught a glimpse of the Lusanet Collective, as we proudly marked our first anniversary since our inception. This remarkable milestone is made even more special with the spotlight on our media coverage, courtesy of the talented Araksya Karapetyan. We're beyond thrilled to share this exciting news, and it serves as a true testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team.

Anet Abnous of Anet's Collection on Fox 11 News Good Day LA by Araksya KarapetyanAnet Abnous and Lusine Simonyan Co-Founders of Lusanet Collective on Fox 11 News of Good Day LA with Araksya Karapetyan

From the very beginning, our founders, Lusine Simony and Anet Abnous of Anet's Collection, envisioned a platform that would elevate small businesses, providing them with an opportunity to shine. Today, as we reflect on this extraordinary year, we are humbled and grateful for the unwavering support from our vendors, partners, and supporters who have played an indispensable role in making this momentous occasion possible.

Anet's Collection isn't just about jewelry; it's about artistry, storytelling, and crafting pieces that resonate deeply. We were honored to have Araksya Karapetyan share her insights into the intricate process behind Anet's jewelry designs. Each piece embodies a unique story, a fusion of creativity and heartfelt passion that Anet pours into her work. As Araksya eloquently described, every gemstone holds a special narrative, making these creations truly timeless treasures.

Anet Abnous of Anet's Collection Pomegranate Jewelry story and design concept on Fox 11 Good Day LA news by Araksya KarapetyanAnet Abnous Founder of Anet's Collection Pomegranate Jewelry on Fox 11 news Good Day LA by Araksya Karapetyan

This year has been an extraordinary journey of growth and achievement, not just for Anet's Collection but also for our visionary founder, Anet Abnous. Her dedication and innovative spirit have propelled our brand to new heights, and the resonance with our patrons has been nothing short of inspiring.

Looking ahead, the future holds even more promise and excitement. We're committed to our mission of supporting small businesses, fostering opportunities, and sharing remarkable news within the entrepreneurial community. As we raise our glasses to toast to this incredible year, we also raise our hopes for many more years of success, creativity, and shared stories.

Araksya Karapetyan's favorite Nature Elegance Anet's Collection jewelry on Fox 11 News Good day LA

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to the next chapter of Anet's Collection and the Lusanet Collective!

🥂 Stay tuned for more updates, exquisite designs, and heartwarming narratives. 🥂

օգոստոս 07, 2023 — Anet Abnous

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