Armenian Alphabet & Dancers Hand Fan

$ 35.00

Introducing our exquisite Hand Fan adorned with the elegance of the Armenian Alphabet and the enchanting "Dancing in the Garden" painting by the talented artist Anet Abnous. Crafted with care, this fan seamlessly combines cultural richness with artistic finesse.

Each fold reveals the mesmerizing strokes of Abnous's artwork, intricately printed on high-quality fabric, while the bamboo ribs in a natural warm color provide sturdy support. Completing its charm is a vibrant tassel, available in Gold, Green, or Brown, adding a playful touch to its design.

Measuring 8" x 1.5" when closed and expanding to a graceful 14" x 1.5" when open, this hand fan offers both practicality and elegance. It comes with a sleek black satin pouch cover, ensuring safekeeping and portability wherever you go.

Beyond its functional use, this hand fan transcends into a unique gifting item, perfect for those who appreciate culture and art. Whether to cool oneself on a warm day or to adorn a vanity with its beauty, this fan serves as a striking conversation piece.

Please note, the optional display base enhances its charm when not in use and is available for separate purchase.

Embrace the fusion of culture and artistry with our Hand Fan, a testament to sophistication and creativity. Handcrafted with precision and passion, it's not just an accessory; it's a statement.