Journey to Armenia Hand Fan

$ 35.00

Step into the rich tapestry of Armenian culture with the Journey to Armenia hand fan. Crafted to whisk you away on a mesmerizing voyage through artistic marvels and historic wonders, this exquisite accessory combines elegance with heritage.

Featuring bamboo ribs in a natural warm hue, the fan's base serves as a canvas for a captivating printed fabric that tells the story of Armenia's legacy. Adorned with a shimmery brown tassel, it exudes a touch of opulence, adding a dash of glamour to your ensemble.

Whether it's to beat the heat with a graceful flourish or to grace your vanity as a statement piece, this hand fan is a versatile marvel. Encased in a sleek black satin pouch, it's perfect for gifting, a token of appreciation for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Compact yet commanding, the Journey to Armenia hand fan measures 8" x 1.5" when closed and unfurls to an impressive 14" x 1.5" when open, offering both portability and presence. For those seeking to elevate its allure, an optional display base is available to showcase its beauty in all its glory.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Armenian heritage with this masterfully crafted hand fan, a testament to the artistry and elegance that transcends borders. Crafted with care and attention to detail, it's a celebration of tradition and a journey into timeless sophistication.

  • Size: 8" x 1.5" closed   14" x 1.5" open
  • Black satin pouch cover
  • Material: Bamboo ribs with printed fabric
  • Made in China
  •  Brown tassel 
  • Optional display base