Pomegranate Gold Plated Long Necklace

$ 80.00

Introducing our stunning Gold plated Long Necklace with Pomegranate design, inspired by the rich cultural and historical significance of the pomegranate in Armenian traditions.

In Armenian culture, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility, abundance, and prosperity. It is also believed to represent life, rebirth, and the cycle of the seasons. Legend has it that the fruit was once considered the fruit of the gods and was a favorite of the goddess of love, fertility, and war, Anahit.

This beautiful long necklace with features a delicate and intricately designed oversized pomegranate pendant, plated in lustrous satin gold, which symbolizes the importance of the fruit in Armenian culture. The pendant is suspended on a fine, elegant chain that complements the beauty and simplicity of the design.

The pomegranate's significance in Armenian history goes beyond just being a symbol of prosperity and abundance. The fruit has been featured in Armenian art and literature for centuries and is often referenced in Armenian poetry and songs. Its deep red color and unique shape have also been used in Armenian architecture and design, most notably in the ornate carvings on the walls of the ancient Garni Temple.

This stunning necklace is the perfect accessory for anyone who appreciates the beauty and significance of Armenian culture and the pomegranate. Whether worn on special occasions or as an everyday piece, it is sure to become a treasured addition to any jewelry collection.

Celebrate the rich history and cultural significance of the pomegranate with our Gold plated Necklace with Pomegranate design. It is a beautiful and meaningful way to express your love for Armenian culture and heritage, and it makes an unforgettable gift for anyone who cherishes their Armenian roots.


Anet's Collection Pomegranate Necklace with satin finish pomegranate shape in Gold color with Red formica Pomegranate seeds charms. In Armenian mythology the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and abundance. The fruit is the Armenian symbol of life and tradition tells us that each mature pomegranate has 365 seeds, one for each day of the year.


  • Length: 24"+ Adjustable 
  • Pom seeds: Formica
  • 2mm 14 K gold plated
  • Brass casting
  • Satin Finish
  • Designed & produced by Anet Abnous