Hearts of Armenia Earrings

$ 30.00

Introducing Anet's Collection's "Hearts of Armenia" toggle earrings, a stunning tribute to the rich heritage and enduring spirit of Armenia. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings feature three tricolor enamel hearts, each symbolizing a unique aspect of Armenian identity and resilience.

The vibrant red heart embodies the historic Armenian Highland, a testament to the unwavering strength and determination of the Armenian people. It represents their enduring struggle for survival, steadfast commitment to the Christian faith, and the hard-fought independence and freedom of Armenia.

Nestled alongside is the serene blue heart, a poignant reminder of Armenia's desire for peace and tranquility under peaceful skies. It reflects the collective will of the Armenian people to build a future filled with harmony and stability.

Completing this exquisite trio is the radiant orange heart, symbolizing the boundless creativity and industrious spirit of the Armenian nation. It pays homage to Armenia's rich cultural heritage and the tireless efforts of its people to excel in every endeavor.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these earrings boast a 2mm 18K gold-plated finish for a luxurious touch. The secure toggle closure ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to showcase your Armenian pride with confidence.

Whether worn as a personal statement or gifted to a loved one, Anet's Collection's "Hearts of Armenia" earrings are a timeless expression of love, strength, and resilience. Embrace the beauty of Armenian culture with these exquisite earrings that capture the heart and soul of a nation.